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A woman in Florida was arrested under the charges of having an incestuous relationship with her brother, right after she gave birth to a child with serious medical problems.
Investigators said that Pauline Elizabeth Martin of 33 years old was arrested on Friday after a genetical test was done to the newborn. The results reavealed the child had parents that were closely related.
The Orlando Sentinel reported Martin, a McDonald’s cashier, told deputies in Groveland she had a “romantic sexual relationship” with her brother for the past five years. She said the last time they had sex was March 21.
“She said she was going to end her relationship with her brother because she knows it is wrong,” deputies wrote in the arrest documents.
They began investigating after Martin’s baby was transferred to Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies in Orlando within hours of being born because of “severe medical problems.” According the police.
Neither Martin nor her brother filled out Medicaid paperwork or obtained a birth certificate for the baby.
The paperwork was completed on Feb. 26.
Authorities interviewed Martin at her workplace in Leesburg on Thursday. The next day she was arrested and charged with incest and resisting law enforcement without violence.
She was released from the Lake County Jail on $3,000 bond.
Authorities are still searching for her brother, the Sentinel reported.