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Traffic jams are sometimes the result of protesters taking to the streets to make their opinions heard. Vehicles that are stuck in the middle of a march or protest confront a considerably scarier position than the majority of drivers, who are just delayed in reaching and departing from their destinations.

In various scenarios, a car who strikes a protester may be held civilly and/or criminally liable even if they are unlawfully marching in the roadway. In recent months, there have been plenty of protests and civil upheaval on American highways, and some drivers have found themselves in the midst of potentially dangerous protest zones. Here are a few things you can do to avoid compromising outcomes for the large group of enraged individuals that rush onto the street:

  • Focus on the road in front of you and keep an eye out for any improvised obstacles being used to obstruct traffic and force cars to halt.
  • Before getting out of the car, make sure everything is safe. Lock all the doors and proceed with utmost caution.
  • If there is a risk of harm or exposure to large crowds, stop delivery or pick-up activities right once.
  • To call your corporate headquarters and report any emergency situations to local law authorities, dial 911.
  • When you come across a crowd, pull over. Drive SLOWLY through a throng. Don’t engage in any conversation and don’t agitate group members. When speaking with passengers, drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles should maintain their composure and warn passengers to refrain from interacting with protesters.
  • Open your car’s windows and switch off the ventilation system if there is time. Turning off the ventilation system helps prevent smoke or teargas in the air from entering your car, and the Iowa Motor Truck Association claims that windows that are down about a half inch are harder to shatter than windows that are fully closed.

 We all need to consider security protocols and if you’re going to participate in one, you should also take precautions to avoid getting hurt. Protests are organized as a way for people to publicly voice their opinions in an effort to influence public opinion or government policy, or they may engage in direct action in an attempt to enact desired changes themselves.