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Commercially available colorful flags are a common way for car owners to express their passion and support for their favorite causes. This might range from the national flag flown in support of patriotism to banners bearing the insignia of their preferred sports teams. Residents of Central Florida will benefit from this article’s education by becoming better drivers.

“Can you lawfully fly a flag on your car?” is one of the viewers’ queries that Trooper Steve Montiero, a safety expert from Click Orlando responds to about traffic laws. In a nutshell, absolutely, you have to abide by the regulations.

According to Trooper Steve, the flag must be securely tied and cannot impair the driver’s or other drivers’ vision, or block your license plate, whether it is flown from a window, the back bumper, or anyplace else on your vehicle.

There are other rules that could apply, such as when something protrudes from your car by more than 4 feet.

These banners sizes may vary almost as much as the brands they bear, can readily catch people’s attention as they pass by while swinging in the wind. These flags are often not against the law and may be easily spotted in many places mounted to private automobiles. As long as they do not obscure the diver’s view or cause interference with the diver, there are currently no legal limitations on the size of these flags.

The stars in the top right-hand corner of a flag flown on the car’s passenger side should be visible. That seems to be backward. It is, but the reason is that the field of stars, also known as the “union,” ought to always occupy the position of highest esteem. That would be the area that is closest to the front of a moving vehicle, as seen in the image above.

When riding a motorbike, the flag must be mounted in the middle of the back of the bike or to the “marching right,” or to the right from the rider’s perspective when moving ahead.

The American flag should always be flown in the marching right posture whether it is flying next to a state flag or another kind of flag. When many flags are flown or exhibited together, the American flag should be shown in the middle and at the top. No other flag should be bigger.


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