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Residents who live along Country Club Boulevard in Cape Coral are calling for change because they say careless drivers are putting their lives in danger. “She could have been killed,” said Tina James, talking about a driver who lost control of her car and landed right at her doorstep.

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The car went through the garage, narrowly missing the living room where Tina’s 2-year old granddaughter was sitting. “That’s when I couldn’t open the door and looked over, and there was a car through my garage wall, which is concrete.” It was reason enough for James to make a complaint to city council and police.

“I want the speed limit to go down; if they do a maximum and start pulling people over with double fines, I really think that’s gonna work.”                              The city says Country Club Blvd. has street lighting and signage at points where the road curves. The police department says the specialized traffic unit sets speed traps at least once a week — if not more — along with regular patrols.

“They just keep on speeding; I mean, there’s signs 35 mph,” said James Farley.  Almost two years ago, Farley’s duplex was also hit by a car.

“The whole front window got blown out of my house; that’s why that’s still damaged.”  Even after this deadly accident spilled into his home, he doesn’t believe adding more signage will slow people down.  “You can’t put signs every five feet; I mean, really there’s plenty of signs.”Cape police say adding a maximum-speed label to signs is redundant. Two radar signs have been put up to remind drivers to watch their speed.