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Image result for red light camera floridaRed-light runners, beware: Cameras were installed at four of Doral’s busiest intersections Saturday, and they’re ready to catch drivers who don’t yield at those yellows.

For the first 60 days, drivers will receive a notice — but not a fine — if their vehicle is caught on camera running a red light. Starting Sept. 1, hefty fines will be imposed.

“The warning period is intended to give drivers time to adjust to the change in traffic enforcement without incurring a financial penalty,” said Maggie Santos, the city’s spokeswoman.

Those who live or work in Doral may remember the red-light cameras, which operated from July 2011 to January 2015. The city decided to get rid of them after a lawsuit challenged the city of Aventura’s red-light program. After the Third District Court of Appeals ultimately upheld Aventura’s program in 2016, Doral decided to reactivate their cameras for a one-year pilot program.

95%of violators who received a ticket and Fought for it did not receive a second violation.

Cameras are placed at:

▪ Northbound, eastbound and westbound approaches to the intersection of Northwest 87th Avenue and 36th Street/Doral Boulevard.

▪ Southbound, eastbound and westbound approaches to Northwest 79th Avenue and 36th Street/Doral Boulevard.

▪ Northbound, southbound and westbound approaches to Northwest 97th Avenue and 41st Street/Doral Boulevard

▪ Eastbound and westbound approaches to 41st Street/Doral Boulevard and 107th Avenue

The red-light cameras will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a driver enters the intersection after the light has turned red, the camera captures still images and video of the event.

“After initial processing through a wireless and secure transfer, Doral police receive the evidence and determines whether a citation is issued. The vehicle owner who receives a citation will have the option to dispute the violation, transfer the liability for the incident or pay the fine either online, over the telephone or by mail,” Santos said.

An analysis from Doral’s previous red-light program showed that driver behavior was changing over the course of the program.

73%of all violations were issued to vehicles registered outside the city of Doral.

Data showed that 95 percent of violators who received a ticket and fought for it or paid  it did not receive a second violation, indicating a change in driver behavior to stop on red. It also revealed that the average number of red-light running violations per camera per month decreased 48 percent. It also showed that 73 percent of all violations were issued to vehicles registered outside the city of Doral.

Florida has the third highest number of fatalities linked to red-light running in the nation. The most recent numbers available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show 344 red-light running fatalities occurred in the state from 2011 through 2015. California leads the nation, followed by Texas.

“Red-light running is a dangerous behavior. Too often, it causes tragic T-bone collisions that injure or kill innocent drivers and passengers. These awful crashes can be avoided if drivers follow the rules of the road. These cameras improve the safety on our streets for everyone by helping to change driver behavior so people stop on red,” said Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez.