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Non-Moving Violations

A Non-moving violation are usually minor citations that involve small fees. They can be any type of offense that involves a stationary vehicle. They can range from parking tickets, to citations for not wearing your seatbelt, not showing proof of the vehicle’s registration. Other ways to get a non-moving violation can be:
  • No proof of insurance
  • Driving with expired registration
  • Driving with expired tag
  • Seatbelt Violation
The ticket you will receive when the police officer stops you will include the amount that you will have to pay for the fine or you can decide to retainer an attorney to handle the citation for you. We must say non-moving citations can show on your record but they don’t carry any points. If you do not dispute the ticket or pay within 30 days after you receive the actual ticket, you will be charged additional late fees.


Moving Violations

Moving violations are violations of the law committed while the car is moving; this is what differentiates a moving violation from a non-moving violation. These are usually considered misdemeanors or infractions, depending on the severity they could also be called felonies.
You will receive a ticket for committing a moving violation and the fine could reach $500.00 depending on the type of violation and the majority of the times this violation brings points on to your driving record. The accumulation of a certain amount of points can result in the suspension of your license privilege. Here’s a few examples on how the points can be given:
  • Speeding (3 points)               
  • Failure to stop at a red sign (4 points)
  • Violation of a traffic control device (3 points)
  • Passing a stopped school bus  (4 points)
  • Child restraint required (3 points)
  • Careless driving (3 points)
  • Violation of the right of way (4 points)

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