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A man in Georgia completely naked broke into a liquor store on Monday 13th just to stole a can of soda.

The police said Charles Wyatt, age 61, used a hammer to break the glass of Beverage World in Forsyth County early in the morning.

The cameras show the man entering the store wearing no clothes except for his shoes. He then steals a Coke and wanders around drinking it before lying down for a while.

Wyatt was arrested around 4 a.m. after living the store and charged with burglary, theft by taking, and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.

The owner of the store, Jamie Kurisho, told the reporters he was “relieved” because he figured Wyatt wasn’t trying to rob him.

“We’ve shown to a couple of people the video. Some of our sales peoples. Everybody is kind of amazed. It’s kind of funny right now, but it wasn’t at the time,” Kurisho said.

Three nights before the break-in, police found Wyatt walking naked along the road in front of the liquor store and had him sent to the hospital.

Wyatt reportedly had a decreased on his mental capacity, according to the police, and had missed a few doses of his medication prior to the first incident.



Via: FoxNews