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Getting a driver’s license is an important a part of life nowadays. Being able to drive yourself makes life very convenient, however there are certain legal steps you have to follow if you want to obtain this privilege.

As a teenager in Florida you can get your learner’s permit at 15 years old and a year later you can get your driver’s license. Here’s how:

  • Complete the Data Course – Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness. To obtain your first driving’s license, you are required to take this course.
  • Take the State written exam – In order to take the written exam online or in person at the DHSMV (Florida Department of highway Safety and Motor Vehicles), you need to show proof that you passed the traffic law course. A vision and hearing test are necessary as well. Your Social Security number, and 2 proofs of identification and address will have to be shown on the day of your test. examples of proof of ID include a U.S. passport, original copy of your birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, or certificate of citizenship.
  • Drive with your Learners permit for a year with no Traffic Infractions
  • Pass the Road Test
  • Get your Driver’s License

 Adults obtaining Their first Driver’s License

 If you’re 18 or older obtaining your first driver’s license in Florida, you’re not required to carry a learner’s permit. You can go straight to a class E unrestricted driver’s License. Here’s how:

  • Complete the Data Course
  • Take the State written exam
  • Pass the Road Test
  • When you pass your driving test, you will be given your Florida full unrestricted driver’s license right away. If you do not pass, you can always retake the test at a later time. Don’t forget to study the subjects you had a hard time with. We’re rooting for you!

If you just obtained your driver’s license for the first time and just got your first ticket, contact us today and speak to one of our specialists. Our consultations are free of cost!

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