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According to Miami-Dade County court records, approximately 600,000 individuals are driving under a suspended license. We all know that having a car is a must. It will be tough to travel to work and other crucial locations if you cannot drive. Unfortunately, your license might be suspended for a variety of reasons.

You may feel stuck at home if your driver’s license has been suspended. However, this does not have to be the case. There are a few options for getting about when your license is suspended. You obviously cannot drive if your license is suspended. If you are discovered driving with one, the state may punish you, suspend your license for an extended period of time, or even imprison you. If you are a repeat offender, the penalties escalate.

  1. You can get back on the road quickly if your limited license application is approved. You may also learn about your local public transit system and save some money if that isn’t an option. It’s also not a terrible idea to rely on friends and family for rides, especially if you agree to help out with the petrol. For instance, if you have no alternative means of transportation, you might be able to drive to work. However, there are restrictions. On instance, you cannot use your hardship license to travel by car for your vacation. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind during the process:
  • Diagnose whether you are qualified.
  • Start the application.
  • Submit the insurance proof
  • Obey any limitations imposed on your hardship license.
  • Any time your information changes, let the DMV know.
  1. For an inexpensive alternative, take the bus. There are now bus systems in place in the majority of urban and rural locations. By typing in your city’s name and “bus” or “public transit” in a search engine, you may see a map of the routes and the timetables. So that you don’t miss the bus, schedule your travels in advance. To assist with planning, you may even download a travel or transportation app.
  2. For quick transit, use a commuter or light rail route. By conducting an online search for your city’s name and “train line,” you may find out if this kind of transportation is offered there. You might also get in touch with your regional transit company. Look at the timetable and line map before embarking on a rail journey. Make sure to properly plan your route so you can get to the rail station on time.
  3. There are speedier choices than walking that offer superior health advantages, such as biking or skating. If you’ve never cycled before, plan your route in advance and stay away from any difficult terrain. If there isn’t a defined “bike lane,” exercise extreme caution when bicycling on the road. Observe all traffic regulations and be aware of other road users.
  4. Consider using a cab or a paid ride-sharing service. You can use a cab service, albeit it can get expensive over time. The ease of scheduling rides might also vary depending on how advanced the firm is. Another choice is using Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing service. Rides can be scheduled over the phone or online well in advance.

An attorney should be contacted right away if you face the possibility of having your license suspended or if you’ve been accused of driving without a license. Those in Florida who are suffering traffic tickets can get assistance from Citation Nation!