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Driving is stressful—more so than ever. According to a survey conducted by THE ZEBRA in July 2021, eight out of ten (82%) drivers said they had engaged in either road rage (severe aggressive driving, such as making lewd gestures, sideswiping, or purposely slamming into another vehicle) or aggressive driving (deliberate unsafe behaviors, like not using a blinker, tailgating, or weaving between lanes).  Is there anything better than cranking up the volume on your favorite song while flying down the highway towards your destination? Do you particularly enjoy Shakira’s global hit song Waka Waka during this FIFA World Cup season? Planning soundtracks for lengthy car journeys and playing music to keep the kids calm while you navigate traffic are both activities that involve driving.

Of course, not every journey results in a fit of road rage, but a lot of individuals claim that their stress levels rise when they’re driving. 35 percent of study participants claimed that driving increased their level of irritability. So what can drivers do to keep cool while traveling?

The broad answer is “music,” but the more precise response is to discover the music that improves your own particular well-being. Find out which songs, performers, and genres most instantly put you at ease. We hope Andrew Lloyd Webber is your copilot if singing show songs is your thing. And may Cardi B dominate the radio in your drive if rap helps you relax.

Additionally, it’s possible to get overly carefree when driving. Experts have discovered anxiety-relieving songs, but they don’t recommend driving while listening to them. (Save this one for your insomnia-curing playlist.)

Obviously, it should be obvious, but turning up the music isn’t a panacea. Playing your favorite playlist as if it were a magic wand will not simply help you unwind if someone else’s driving has you so jangled that you can’t relax. According to studies, around 90% of drivers frequently listen to music or the radio while operating a vehicle. Although it’s not necessarily risky or unlawful to listen to music while driving, concentrating on the stereo while doing so would be. Avoid the urge to put in a CD, change the radio station, or make any other sound adjustments while your car is in motion.

Always keep the volume of your music at a level that permits you to hear the surrounding sounds of the road while you are driving. It is advisable to do this before setting out on your journey, but if a particularly loud or disturbing song starts playing, you might also need to change the radio while you’re on the road.

Driving while using headphones that cover both ears is prohibited in many states. Unlike your car’s speakers, headphones are made to block out external noises so you can hear the music more clearly. Driving while using headphones will dramatically reduce your capacity to take in important auditory information about the surroundings of your car. Always leave one ear unprotected when using headphones, if necessary.

Much more modern automobiles now come equipped with in-built entertainment systems that can connect to the internet and offer users a variety of apps. Even without an AUX connection or Bluetooth, you may enjoy a variety of music streaming services in your car, allowing you to create a playlist and change songs without taking your eyes off the road.

Setting up your vehicle audio exactly how you want it before leaving is the best way to prevent becoming sidetracked by it. The safest option if you’re a newcomer driver is to never listen to music while driving. You may anticipate many more hours of stress-free, music-filled driving if you follow this easy advice.