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  • Take a friend with you.

Excepting teen drivers, according to statistics, crashes are less likely to happen when there’s a passenger in the vehicle. Bring a partner with you and you’ll have an extra set of eyes on the road and someone to talk with while you are stuck on traffic.

Select the right playlist.

A British survey found that drivers listening to classical or pop music were less stressed out during their car rides than those who listened to hip-hop, rock, or heavy metal. Add to your playlist of songs those ones that will take your mind off any traffic stop and enjoy your ride.

Boost your self-awareness.

We know you can’t zone out into a whole state of meditation when you are driving, but you can still practice some heedfulness techniques that will keep you from thinking about the traffic. If you start to get distracted and your mind starts to wander about deep thoughts, refocus yourself to the road.

Get addicted to podcasts.

Tune in to your preferred podcast to boost your brain and mood while you drive. You can choose within a wide variety of categories you like, learn about new things, listen to an interesting story and even laugh at jokes. Either way, you will get absorbed in what you’re listening to and arrive at your destination even faster than you thought.

Stay in one lane.

One experiment performed in USA found that drivers who keep changing from one lane to another because considers it to be faster, was only 15 seconds ahead of the driver who stayed in one lane. Stay in a lane and save yourself the anxiety and stress of merging. You won’t arrive at your destination much later.

Reclaim control over your drive.

You might feel stressed and overwhelmed when you’re in the middle of traffic. However, you’re there because you made that decision. – Focus on the positive reasons why you’re sitting in the car an event you really want to attend, your dreamt job, a nice home to feel more in control and minimize your anxiety levels.

Wear comfy shoes.

If you know you will be driving for a while, make sure you are wearing a nice pair of comfortable sneakers. Your feet will feel much better than if you were wearing your usual work shoes.

Choose the perfect air freshener.

Studies have demonstrated that lavender air freshener can ease anxiety and calm you down when you’re stuck in traffic. You can get one of the aromatherapy diffuser and plug it into the lighter outlet to spread the scent through your vehicle to get relaxed while you drive. Plus, your car will have a nice aroma.

Trust us.

If you get a traffic ticket our experienced attorneys will take care of everything. The attorney will fight to get the best results possible to keep your driving record clean while you can sit back and relax.