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Tax collectors office warns residents of traffic camera email scam

MARTIN COUNTY — The Tax Collector’s office is warning residents to avoid a red light camera email scam demanding residents to pay a citation within 72 hours, according to a news release. Other tax collector offices in the state recently notified the Martin office about the scam. 636251570054722848-scam.png Residents in Florida are getting an email stating it’s from their local Department of Motor Vehicles. In the email, the “department” tells the resident they have a red light camera traffic violation and have 72 hours to pay the citation. The words “Notice of Traffic Violation” are in the subject line and the fake details of the violation are in the email. The email states the DMV has payment plans available. There are three links given in the email that lure residents to see an image of the violation taken by the camera, pay online and contest the citation. In the release, Martin County Tax Collector Ruth Pietruszewski said the email is a scam, and those who get it should not click on any links but should delete it immediately. Details on if anyone in Martin was affected were not immediately available There have been a few scams in Martin County over the past few years and some on the Treasure Coast. In 2015 and 2016, residents on the Treasure Coast were hit with an IRS phone scam involving people impersonating federal officials and threatening arrest for unpaid taxes.