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  1. Goodbye Alcohol. Yes, it’s a bit cliché, but alcohol will not be your friend during this trip. If you’re planning on drinking then let your friends know, and assign a sober driver, or get a taxi.
  2. Seatbelt. Always wear it, not just now. Make sure very passenger is securely restrained, if you’re the driver it’s your responsibility to keep everyone safe.
  3. Play Nice. Everyone wants to get home as soon as possible, just like you. Be courteous and show consideration to other drivers.
  4. Watch Out for the Gap. Always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. This will give you enough space in case you need to stop suddenly.
  5. Love your Vehicle. Make sure to have it checked before going on the road trip to avoid and minimize any inconveniences or problems.
  6. Cellphones. Again, no need to use them now, you’re already minutes from getting home, any talking can be done once you get there.
  7. Headlights. Always have your headlights on, especially if you have a dark colored vehicle. You want to make sure everyone knows you’re on the highway.
  8. Intersections. Half of all crashes occur at intersections, so make sure you’re very aware of your surrounding when passing.
  9. Use Both Hands. You will have better control of your vehicle in the case that you need to swerve or hit the brakes.
  10. Pulling Over. In case of an emergency, never pull up on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane, these are high risk areas.

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